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0100 Splash Radio - On Air Announcement - 9/24/18

0100 Splash Radio is back on the air! To tune in simply click on the listen button above or use our custom players below. Thank you to the Live 365 team for supplying all of the necessary licensing for us to continue our broadcasting. 

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If you have always wanted to have your own radio show, please fee free to send us a demo today! 

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Calling All Independent Music Artists!

Do you want to have your music/band heard around the US? In addition to our Top 40 hits we offer air play for independent music artists in the Lehigh Valley and throughout the US. email us today to inquire studio@0100splasharadio.com

Community Events

If you are located in the Carbon & Lehigh County area and want to have 0100 Splash Radio do a live broadcast for your community event please email us at studio@0100splashradio.com today. 

We offer packages for promoting the event on the air and live broadcasts!


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0100 Splash Radio

0100 Splash Radio is happy to announce that we are fully licensed through Live365.  

Live365 offers royalty licensing in the U.S. that covers works licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange. 


Royalty Information

0100 Splash Radio believes that it is important that all singer/songwriters get paid for the use of the material that they created.