Station News


There have been many of our listeners who have emailed us over the years asking when we are going to be back on the air again. Due to the royalty rate increase we had to temporarily shut down the station. 

We are pleased to announce that we are actively working on getting the station back on the air and are actively working on putting together a plan to make 0100 Splash Radio bigger and better. 

We hope to have a big announcement very soon!

Announcements & Oppurtunities

Want to be on air?

If you have always wanted to have your own radio show, please fee free to send us a demo today! 



0100 Splash Radio relies on sponsors to keep the station going. If you would like to advertise or sponsor a show please contact us today!

Community Events

If you are located in the Lehigh Valley area and want to have 0100 Splash Radio do a live broadcast for your community event.


Please contact us today to start the partnership with 

0100 Splash Radio today!


Do you want to help keep the lights on? If so, please feel free to make a donation using the donation button located on the top of our webpage. 

Listeners that donate will have their names listed on the "Splash Wave of fame!" 

Licensing Legal Stuff

0100 Splash Radio

0100 Splash Radio is happy to announce that we are fully licensed through Live365.  

Live365 offers royalty licensing in the U.S. that covers works licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange. 

Royalty Information

0100 Splash Radio believes that it is important that all singer/songwriters get paid for the use of the material that they created.



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